AFFIRM Federal IT Career Workshop

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Virtual Event


Registration for this event is complimentary for Students, Faculty, and Government Agencies.

Students will have the opportunity to upload their resume during the registration process. This provides the opportunity to have your resume reviewed by industry leaders, and have your resume as part of a repository for Federal Government recruiting. Resumes will not be used or shared for mass marketing. 

Uncle Sam Needs You. Here’s why.

The United States government enjoys global leadership, in part due to the contributions of the technologists, scientists, engineers, and innovators who serve our country in high tech roles at agencies ranging from NASA to the FAA.

The need to continue to recruit IT talent comes from the very top of our government.  The President recently enacted an executive order to help the Federal Government attract the brightest minds in technology to work on some of the nation’s most pressing challenges.  Over 150 million Americans depend on our government workforce for vital services they need day to day or in time of crisis through natural disasters, veteran’s benefits, and many other programs.

Uncle Sam Needs You. Here’s how.

Come to AFFIRM’s Virtual IT Career Workshop where you’ll learn how to capture your place in government. Students will hear from IT executives across the Federal government and from past attendees. Gain exposure to employment opportunities within the Federal workforce, get tips from those who make hiring decisions, learn what the future holds for Federal IT professionals and the opportunity to spend a day in the life of an IT executive. This is a unique opportunity for students to network with Federal employees and become better prepared for the professional workforce.


"This is one of the best career days that I have ever attended."
-Naftali Fink, University of Maryland Baltimore County student



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